Calendar 2017-2018

September 5 (Tue)First Day of Evanston Montessori
September 8 (Fri)Ice Cream Social
September 22 (Fri)Visit to The Talking Farm
October 5 (Thu)Visit to Indian Boundary Park
October 9 (Mon)Columbus Day (Children's House Closed)
October 13 (Fri)Children's House Picture Day
October 14 (Sat)Visit to Pumpkin Farm
October 27 (Fri)Parent Education
October 31 (Tue)Halloween Party
November 8 (Wed)Visit to Fire Station
November 10 (Fri)Veteran's Day (Children’s House Closed)
November 13 (Mon)Food Drive
November 16 (Thu)Parent/Teacher Conferences
November 17 (Fri)Parent/Teacher Conferences (Children’s House Closed)
November 22 - 24Thanksgiving Break
December 4 (Mon)Toy Drive
December 16 (Fri)Holiday Party
December 25 (Mon)Winter Break Starts

Jan 8 (Mon)Children's House Resumes
January 15 (Mon)Martin Luther King’s Birthday (Children's House Closed)
January 27 (Sat)Dad's Visiting Day
February 8 (Thu)Trip to Exploratorium
February 14 (Wed)Valentine's Day Party
February 19 (Mon)President's Day (Children's House Closed)
February 24 (Sat)Mom's Visiting Day
March 9 (Fri)Parent Education
March 16 (Fri)Maple Syrup Celebration
March 20 (Tue)Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences
March 21 (Wed)Parent/Teacher Conferences (Children's House Closed)
March 23 (Fri)Visit to Kohl's Museum
March 26 (Mon)Spring Break Starts
April 2 (Mon)Children’s House Resumes
April 10 (Tue)Visit to Butcher Boy Studio
April 19 (Thu)Grandparents Day
April 20 (Fri)Grandparents Day
April 28 (Sat)International Day
May 11 (Fri)Mother’s Day
May 19 (Sat)Graduation Ceremony
May 25 (Fri)Trip to Emily Oak Nature Center
May 28 (Mon)Memorial Day (Children's House Closed)
May 31 (Thu)Last Day of Evanston Montessori
June 4 (Mon)Summer Camp Begins
July 13 (Fri)Summer Camp Ends
July 15 - August 31Professional Development and Maintenance (Children's House Closed)
September 4 (Tue)Academic Year Starts (Children's House Opens)

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