Presented below are testimonials from parents whose children have been enrolled at the Evanston Montessori Children's House.

Our family felt comfortable the first moment we stepped into the Evanston Montessori Children's House. Since our son started, our impression has deepened into appreciation for the gentle, uplifting environment that Bash creates. We love to hear our son's stories and see the twinkle in his eye as he learns about our wonderful world.
-- Liz Webler Rowell

In Evanston Montessori Children's House, we found a sweet, intimate and child-centered space for our daughter's first school experience. Our primary desires for her was that she feel safe, loved and encouraged in her early learning and development. Bash not only gives her this, but so much more...through her open heart, generosity of spirit and true love of children. We feel blessed to have found her, and found this school for our daughter."
-- Geeta and Todd

Our family is very blessed to have such a great teacher for our daughter. When we first enrolled our daughter in her program, we were relieved that we found a daycare provider who we could trust. However, we quickly realized that she offers much more than that. Bash gently helped us understand that she’s not just a daycare provider, but a Montessori teacher, and one who is extremely dedicated to her program. Bash’s patience, kindness and fun-loving nature motivated my daughter to be her best. I’ve seen my daughter flourish under her program. Most noticeably, she has learned to consider others, think before she leap, follow through routines and express herself through language. Bash is very involved with us, frequently keeping us in the loop with parent-teacher conferences, emails, newsletters and pictures. She made sure that my daughter learns while having fun, whether that’s through dancing and yoga, learning to scramble eggs or creating wreaths for Christmas. We are very happy with her program and would recommend it for any parent who wants more than just a childcare provider for their kids.
-- Susan and TJ

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